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Basket-stats.netScouting with is a unique on-line source created by the analyst, who has several years of successful experience in training and consulting for the games of leading European teams.sports scouting, sports analyticsXL
Today, there is a demo version of the resource implemented based on the Euroleague data. At the same time, allows setting up analytical reports for any basketball league.
Please, let us know what information and analysis you need for successful games. We will gladly develop a customized individual strategy or an algorythm for you.

Basket stats

Thanks to, even today, you can find out:

  • The most active team player; those who complete possessions more frequently or less; and those used by a coach the most;
  • Team's various ratings. What lines are more effective or less, both in defense and offence. Which positions need to be strengthened;
  • Pace of the game. How fast is the team playing in compareson to others. How the pace of the game affects the team result.

and more:

  • How valuable is each player in terms of his input into achieving results. How he affects various performance indicators of the team. Efficiency of the team play in the presence of a specific player on the court. How well or poorly the team plays with each player on the court. How a player changes the pace of the game, and how it affects the outcome of your team.
  • Shooting efficency and everything around it;
  • Effectiveness of the game in rebounds: percentage of available collected rebounds. 
  • Analytics of collected rebounds at backboards on both sides of the court.
Basket stats
Basket stats

For clubs, ready to invest in analytical reports and forecasts, we provide the following services:

  • Developing individual analyzes and forecasts.
  • Predicting the game. What players are expected to cause maximum troubles.
  • Advanced boxscores, with every player's possession taken into account.
  • Ratings of defense and offence of teams.
  • Distribution of attacks on positions. Activity on the positions.
  • The effectiveness of defence and offence on positions. Strengths and weaknesses of the teams. What to put an emphasis on.
  • Efficiency and activity trends. Players progress.
  • Comparative analysis of the players. Comparison. The match-ups. The ability to select the match-up from the future match and to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each of the players.
  • Effective combination of players.
  • Forecasting
  • Tables, charts, articles, reports.
  • Providing online reports, when assistant coaches are able to analyze the situation during the game and report important developments to the head coach.