Personal marketing for sportsmen | Presentation

Personal marketing for the athlete

Each athlete is a brand! It is necessary to support and promote the brand permanently to make it lovable. The modern athlete can be successful not only in the sports sphere. Even today, when most of them had reached the certain professional heights, unfortunately just a few of them use their chance to become something greater. The AREDI sports branding agency knows, how to acquire a success outside of the field. Our range of marketing services aimed at the growth of the athlete’s popularity, an improvement of his interaction with the fans and creating new business opportunities.    

Позиционирование спортсмена | Athlete positioning


We will organize and conduct the full brand analysis, that will help us to make important decisions in planning:
• Marketing strategy for sports brand;
• PR-strategy for athlete endorsement;
• Media reputation management.    

Sports branding

  • Unique logo design for an athlete.
  • Graphics support for a sports brand.
  • Creation and support of personal athlete’s website.    

Создание логотипа спортсмена | Creating athlete logo Персональный сайт спортсмена | Personal athlete’s website.
Брендинг сувенирной продукции | Branding souvenirs Брендинг сувенирной продукции | Branding souvenirs


The creation of branded products’ range of athlete and a platform for its realization.    


  • The famous face of the brand. The professional athletes represent various brands in advertising campaigns and media.
  • Opinion leaders. Professional athletes become effective communicators in constructing brand recognition and building new business opportunities    

Лицо бренда. Лидер мнения | The face of the brand. Opinion leader
Благотворительность и аукционы | Charity and auctions Благотворительность и аукционы | Charity and auctions

Charity and auctions

Conducting a charity auction by athlete positively affect its brand and helps in developing the social projects.