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Presentation AREDI

AREDI sports marketing agency is the leader in the field of sports marketing in Ukraine. We are ambitious and demanding to the service quality, a legally based organization. We develop and maintain, endorse various sports brands, professional sports clubs and federations, professional athletes.


Дизайн в социальных медиа | Social media design Сайт БК "Кремнь" | BC Kremen website Сайт БК "Будивельник" | BC Budivelnyk website Спортивный портал| Sports portal Сайт БК "Харьков" | BC Kharkov website Сайт БК "Хортица" | BC Khortica website Дизайн социальных медиа Суперлига | Superleague social media design Сайт Run for Life | Run for Life website Дизайн социальных медиа Run for Life | Run for Life social media design Дизайн социальных медиа | Social media design Дизайн социальных медиа | Social media design


We make a design, a creation and a promotion of websites for sportsman, for sports clubs, leagues, association and sporting events.
  • websites design for sports clubs;
  • personal endorsement websites creation for athletes; 
  • websites of sporting events;
  • social media design.


The sports branding is one of the main tool, which gives a possibility to emphasize the individuality of the sports organization and increase the brand recognition.

  • Logo design;
  • Brand book.
  • Corporate identity of a season / event:
- Show bill, poster, billboard, city-light;
- Match booklet;
- Ticket, complimentary invitational ticket;
- Season ticket, accreditation card;
- Press-Wall;
- Souvenirs;
- Presentation package for sponsors;
- Social media design;
- Transport branding.


Дизайн спортивных мероприятий RUN Ukraine | Design of sports events RUN Ukraine Спортивный брендинг БК Будивельник | Sports branding BC Budivelnyk Спортивный брендинг БК Красный Октябрь | Sports branding Red October Спортивный брендинг Суперлига | Sports branding Superleague Спортивный брендинг БК Кремень | Sports branding BC Kremen Спортивный брендинг БК Харьков | Sports branding BC Kharkov Спортивный брендинг БК Хортица | Sports branding BC Khortica
Спортивная инфографика Монако | Monaco basket sports infographics Спортивная инфографика сборная Украины | Ukraine national team sports infographics Спортивная инфографика ЕВРО 2016 | EURO 2016 sports infographics Спортивная инфографика НБА | NBA sports infographics Спортивная инфографика Евролига | Euroleague sports infographics Спортивная инфографика Будивельник | Budivelnyk sports infographics


The infographics is a digital image used to represent a complex information or statistic data.

The proper design and clear arrangement of information simplify the watchers perception. The Infographics is an ideal utility for providing of information about the game, the history of confrontation, the tournament tables.



  • Development of marketing strategy and implementation plan for the season;
  • Development of image and brand identity of a sports club;
  • Making up and holding of promotions, implementation of effective public relations campaigns;
  • Full package of advertisement production and promotional campaigns;
  • Creating of the products for sale in order to promote the club;
  • Formation of the sponsorship service packages;
  • Involving the partners and sponsors;
  • Accompanying of sponsorship contracts;
  • Sports events organization.
Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing Спортивный маркетинг | Sports marketing