NBA Finals. 1997-2006

NBA Finals. Part 6 (1997-2006)

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NBA Finals. 1997-2006

 Year       Champion            Loser Games           MVP Winning Coach
1997   Chicago Bulls   Utah Jazz    4-2 Michael Jordan  Phil Jackson
1998   Chicago Bulls   Utah Jazz    4-2 Michael Jordan  Phil Jackson
1999   San Antonio Spurs   New York Knicks    4-1 Tim Duncan  Gregg Popovich
2000   Los Angeles Lakers   Indiana Pacers    4-2 Shaquille O'Neal  Phil Jackson
2001   Los Angeles Lakers  Philadelphia 76ers    4-1 Shaquille O'Neal  Phil Jackson
2002   Los Angeles Lakers   New Jersey Nets    4-0 Shaquille O'Neal  Phil Jackson
2003   San Antonio Spurs   New Jersey Nets    4-2 Tim Duncan  Gregg Popovich
2004   Detroit Pistons   Los Angeles Lakers    4-1 Chauncey Billups  Larry Brown
2005  San Antonio Spurs   Detroit Pistons    4-3 Tim Duncan  Gregg Popovich
2006   Miami Heat   Dallas Mavericks    4-2 Dwyane Wade  Pat Riley


NBA Finals. 1997-2006

NBA Finals.1997-2006