Infographics BC Budivelnik | Game with BC Dnepr 2014

BC Budivelnyk - BC Dnepr

BC Budivelnik InfographicsWe bring to your attention the infographics 2014-2015 season collection of the legendary basketball club Budivelnik games.sports infographics, budivelnyk players statisticS

BC "Budivelnyk" - BC "Dnepr".
December 7, 2014, the Palace of Sports.
The match ended with a score of 83-61.
The starting five Budivelnyk: Denis Lukashov, Dmitry Zabirchenko, Alexander Lipoviy, Mikhail Anisimov, Maxim Pustozvonov.
Head coach of BC "Budivelnik": Vitaly Cherny.
Leaders Budivelnyk: Denis Lukashov, Alexander Kol'chenko, Alexander Tishchenko.



Budivelnyk - Dnepr (infographics)

Будивельник - Днепр (Инфографика)

Будивельник - Днепр (Инфографика)