Branding BC Kremen | Season 2015-2016

Season 2015-2016

Украина, КременчугБаскетбольниый клубBasketball clubUkraine, KremenchugKremenBranding BC KremenKremenchug has always been known for its basketball. But only in 2015 a team of top division was found here. The founder became a local native of the city, the champion of Ukraine, Viktor Kobzisty.branding bc kremen, sports branding
Афиша баскетбольного клуба "Кремень" 2015-2016 | Poster basketball club "Kremen" 2015-2016 Календарь баскетбольного клуба "Кремень" 2015-2016 | The calendar basketball club "Kremen" 2015-2016 Програмка к матчу баскетбольного клуба "Кремень" 2015-2016 | Pre-match booklet basketball club "Kremen" 2015-2016 Дизайн социальных медиа баскетбольного клуба "Кремень" 2015-2016 | Social media design basketball club "Kremen" 2015-2016

BRAND IDENTITY OF BC "Kremen" 2015-2016

  • Match booklets and show bill templates for the games of the basketball club "Kremen". Superleague championship of the 2015-2016 season.
  • Advertising templates creating