Branding BC Khortitca | Season 2015-2016

Season 2015-2016

Украина, ЗапорожьеБаскетбольниый клубBasketball clubUkraineKhortitsaBranding BC KhortitsaThe project, which began in 2015 in the vicinity of legendary island, certainly didn’t fail. The team found the fans, and made it possible to reveal and show a number of basketball players, who previously only dreamed of playing on the Superleague level.branding bc khortitsa
Програмка к матчу баскетбольного клуба "Хортица" 2015-2016 | Pre-match booklet basketball club "Khortica" 2015-2016 Афиша баскетбольного клуба "Хортица" 2015-2016 | Poster basketball club "Khortica" 2015-2016 Дизайн социальных медиа баскетбольного клуба "Хортица" 2015-2016 | Social media design basketball club "Khortica" 2015-2016

BRAND IDENTITY OF BC "Khortitsa" 2015-2016

  • Match booklets and show bill templates for the games of the basketball club "Khortitsa". Superleague championship of the 2015-2016 season.
  • Advertising templates creating