Reasons to use infographics in content marketing

Reasons to use infographics in content marketing

Sports infographic.

Words have power and images paint in the details. A picture induces and content enlightens, informs, and evokes reaction.

What is infographics? The term was coined in 2008 and development of infographics in content marketing quickly gained popularity among leading brands. The number of companies which use infographics in content marketing grows daily.

Good infographics quickly convey the meaning of a text and make it easy for understanding. As researches have shown our brain perceives most of the information visually. The main task of infographics is to simplify complex content. This is just one of the reasons for use of infographics in content marketing. Anyway infographics should not be just pretty images.

The main value of infographics is the way complicated data and details are presented. As researches have shown a text will more likely (80% cases) be read if it has colorful images. Infographics let in a very compact form present complex statistical and analytical data.

Bright colors and bold forms can attract attention however the quality of the content which accompanies infographics should be high enough. Such content is supposed to include interesting facts from reliable sources.

Creation of infographics is one of the top-priority directions of AREDI Sports Marketing Agency. We develop infographics for such areas:

  • sports match infographics;
  • football infographics;
  • basketball Infographics;
  • hockey infographics.



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