The pre-season photo shooting session of the BC "Budivelnyk"

The pre-season photo shooting session of the BC "Budivelnyk"

Surely, the fans of the "builders" remember, what success "Budivelnyk" got the last season among the Superleague clubs, it distinguished not only by its results, but also by the quality of printing products. Posters and show bills, tickets and game booklets for our matches were designed with the perfect studio photos of all team players. This time we did not deviate from our tradition. Today a long pre-season photo shooting was arranged for the "builders".

In order to please the audience and collectors with new bright posters and show bills through the upcoming season, our friends from AREDI organized a great impressive process of long photo shooting for players and coaches, it took more than six hours. The process was quite exhausting, but during the season, seeing the results of that professional work, you can be sure that "Budivelnik"  try to do their best for the viewers in all aspects of reaching the European standards.

In the meantime, we offer you to see how the creative process looked.



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