The growing interest to Budivelnyk

The growing interest to Budivelnyk

During the current season the sports marketing agency «AREDI» is working hard to increase the attendance of basketball matches with the BC "Budivelnyk" involvement. The most legendary and many times awarded basketball club of Ukraine takes part in two tournaments — the national championship of Superleague, and the second most important tournament of the Old World — the Eurocup.  

At the beginning of the season the viewers, sitting on the stands of the Sports Palace could be almost "counted on the fingers" — the number of basketball fans did not exceed the mark of 300 people. The sports marketing agency «AREDI» has put a lot of efforts to join finally the audience to basketball in Kiev, because this kind of sport is not particularly popular in our country. In anticipation of the Eurobasket -2015 the task is not only to attract fans, but also to keep them.

From match to match the main arena stands were filling little by little by the audience. As a result of our actions, we recorded the highest attendance of the season, in the quarterfinal match of the Eurocup tournament between the BC "Budyvelnik" and the BC "Spartak" (St.-Petersburg),  about 5000 spectators came to support the team from Kiev to the Sports Palace.

Due to such zealous support, the team managed to beat an opponent with a difference of 17 points. For the first time in the history of Ukrainian basketball, the Ukrainian basketball club managed to get to the Top -4 round of Eurocup.

In gratitude to everyone who gave a part of himself in supporting of favorite basketball team, at the end of the match «AREDI» agency together with the players and the head coach of the BC "Budivelnyk" was recorded a video message, where the representatives of the team expressed a gratitude for the enchanting power that reigned in the sports hall.



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