AREDI designed the emblem "Save the athlet's life"

AREDI designed the emblem "Save the athlet's life"

Often, becoming witnesses of situation where the athlete’s life is threatened, we see how the joint efforts of all people, which are ready to help, can be really useful. Not being indifferent, we decided to join to people, who help athletes with a terrifying diagnosis to struggle with the disease and overcome the trouble.

The logo "Save the athlete’s life", was created on the initiative of our agency. The rights do not belong to any organization or a customer and can be used in any campaign to support the athletes, who have some health problems and need the help of all concerned.

For the first time the logo "Save the athlete’s life", will be used in the project "Buy a ticket – save the life" what the BC "Budivelnyk" holds in favor of basketball players – Valery Gordenko and Marina Doroshenko (Khabarova).

We hope, the logo will soon be recognizable and will help to raise awareness of the same shares.



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