The most popular Ukrainian athletes on Instagram. TOP 5

The most popular Ukrainian athletes on Instagram. TOP 5


The most popular Ukrainian athletes on Instagram. TOP 5

During 2018, we conducted an analysis of the activity of Ukrainian sportspeople in social networks and published 5 editions of the rating. But we got interested in such question as the dynamics of growth. How fast do our sportspeople become more popular? So, friends, our rating of activity of Ukrainian sportspeople on Instagram for the last 12 months is to your attention.

The 5th place: Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk


A loud transfer allowed the only basketball player in our top Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk to get even greater increase of the followers - more than 110 thousand. But it is not surprising - Ukrainian players don’t move to the best league in the world every day! Moreover, if Sviatoslav succeeds in consolidating himself in NBA, then knowing the love of Americans for basketball, there is no doubt that Mykhailiuk’s Instagram will grow rapidly in the future. 

The 4th place: Elina Svitolina


Elina Svitolina is not only the first racket of Ukraine, but also fairly the leader among tennis players in Ukraine both for the number of subscribers and their growth rates. Over the past year, thanks to the stable stay of Elina among the world tennis elite, the wins of several major tournaments, including the prestigious final, she managed to increase the number of subscribers almost by three times, and thus consolidated herself in the 4th place of our top. Svitolina has not had any victories in Grand Slam tournaments yet, we will hope that she will set the record straight this year. 

The 3rd place: Alexander Zinchenko


Despite the fact that Sasha was an infrequent guest in the first eleven of Manchester City, the status of the champion of England and the magic of the Premier League are bearing fruit. Especially in symbiosis with the latest games. Almost 350 thousand new subscribers only for the last year - such result can only turn heads! Alexander is one of the main jokers and jesters in the team. Zinchenko is always active and open on Instagram, and therefore consistently attracts attention of fans to his own person. Deserved third place in our rating!

The 2nd place: Alexandr Usyk


Perhaps the most successful year in the career of Alexandr Usyk brought him not only the titles of the absolute world champion in the first heavyweight versions of WBA super, WBC, IBF, WBO, TBRB and the vacant TheRing title in the fight with Russian Murat Gassiev, but also the exclusive Mohammed Ali Cup. A little later, knocking out Tony Beleu, Alexander defended his belts and added another victory to his collection. This fight brought more than 100,000 subscribers to Alexandr in 5 days.
Alexandr is not only a successful sportsperson, but also a gossip hero, he actively undertakes interviews, participates in shooting of advertising and is generally very active in public life.
Therefore, the final 2nd place in our rating with the increase in the number of subscribers by almost 10 times up to 600 thousand is Usyk’s Instagram. It is logical reflection of the celebrity status of the outstanding Ukrainian boxer. 

The 1st place: Vasiliy Lomachenko


Per year Loma has held two successful fights, incidentally breaking a record – he has become the champion in three weight categories in just 12 ights. Before him none of the boxers could do this.
No less impressive are his successes in winning hearts of the fans - more than 900 thousand new subscribers per year on Vasiliy Lomachenko’s Instagram! Today, the number of Vasiliy’s Internet fans has exceeded 1.3 million, and in terms of this fact he is more than 2 times ahead of his chaser and friend Alexander Usyk. Phenomenal result!
Vasiliy Lomachenko is not only a champion in the ring, but also in social networks! 

The most popular Ukrainian athletes on Instagram. 




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