Let’s support our champion!

Let’s support our champion!

One of the most principal games of the Superleague championship — the BC "Budivelnyk" vs  the BC "Donetsk" will be held in Kiev tomorrow. It is principled because the champion of the 2010/2011 season and the champion of the 2011/2012 will fight on one court, and besides it was he, the coach of the BC "Donetsk", who led to victory the BC "Budivelnyk" and got the long-awaited gold in 2011.  

Reviewing the archives, we found two interesting pictures, which not only didn’t lose the relevance after 2 years, but also have their own history.

In November of 2009 year our company has developed a calendar «AREDI» for 2010. We decided to do it individually for each of our client. As that time, many clients were in "financial crisis" and, it was necessary to struggle with it, we decided to show, that a partnership between the customer and «AREDI» will help to overcome any difficulties in the upcoming Tiger year.

Also, at the same time along with the calendar development, the magazine "Basketball" was appearing to be published. At that time, the gold was claimed by the BC "Budivelnik" and the BC "Donetsk". We decided to apply the same idea on the cover of the magazine. Coincidentally, the BC "Donetsk temporarily ceased to exist after the first publication of "Basketball" magazine.

This time, we do not want this story will happen again in any way! We wish to the BC "Budivelnyk" to show his mettle and will defeat the "Donetsk tigers".

The game will be held on the 31-st of October at the Sports Palace. The start at 20:30.



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