The highest paid player in the "Losers" team of Euroleague in the 2015-2016 season

The sports branding agency "AREDI" is starting a series of publications devoted to the Top-16 of Euroleague.
We will be publishing the statistical reports in the form of infographics after each round of the Top-16 of Euroleague.
Today, before the start of the 7-th round of the Top-16 of Euroleague, we begin with the publication of the infographics "The 6-th round of the Top-16 of Euroleague".
Through the infographics you will find out:

  • MVP of the Euroleague Top-16 
  • Best players of the 6-th round of Euroleague (dream team). 
  • The most active players of the Euroleague 6-th round 
  • The best defense the Euroleague 6-th round 
  • Top-five of the most useless player of the Euroleague 6-th round. 
Follow the link to view the infographics Round 6, the Euroleague Top-16
Infographics created on the analytical data base of 


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