Nikita Vlasov. Cooperation with Nikita Vlasov

Nikita Vlasov

Vlasov Nikita

Going to set Guinness record
Date of birth: 06.11.1983
Place of birth: Kyiv, Ukraine
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 76 kg

Vlasov Nikita – member of Ukraine national team in kickboxing, kickboxing World championship runner up (2004), European champion (2004), European Cup winner (2005).

In youth Nikita has practiced different kind of sports – fencing, swimming, karate and kickboxing, as well.

In kickboxing Nikita has won 7 Ukrainian champions title. In 2008 he started coaching and became the coach in 2009.

As a coach he has prepared many Ukraine, Europe and World champion. Since 2014 Nikita working with best Ukrainian kickboxer Artur Kyshenko.

Vlasov is a finisher of 2 marathons, 4 half-marathons, was a member of «Race of Nation», and has 3 medals of well known «Spartan Race».

Nikita Vlasov is an author of project «365 Damn Days» and going to set Guinness record in most long-term consistent training period. He doing stream of each training on social networks and doing everyday report about it on YouTube.


Cooperation with Nikita Vlasov:

  • athlete as a brand ambassador;
  • athlete’s participation in photo-shoot or video recording;
  • presence of the athlete at the brand’s events;
  • brand integration into the athlete’s social networks.


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