Georgii Zantaraia. Cooperation with Georgii Zantaraia

Georgii Zantaraia

Georgii Zantaraia

Sport: Judo
Date of birth: 21.09. 1987
Place of birth: Gali
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 60-66 kg 
Coach: Vitaly Dubrova
Georgii Zantaraia - the only one Ukrainian who won the title of World Championship in judo (and Ukraine Union Republic of the USSR).
Georgii also won the European Championship two times (2011, 2017). Also he has one "silver" on the Championship of the World and one on the Championship of Europe, and three "bronzes" of World Championship, as well.
The National Olympic Committee of Ukraine twice (in August 2009 and May 2011) recognized Georgii Zantaraia as the best athlete in the country.


Cooperation with Georgii Zantaraia:

  • athlete as a brand ambassador;
  • athlete’s participation in photo-shoot or video recording;
  • presence of the athlete at the brand’s events;
  • brand integration into the athlete’s social networks.


Георгий Зантарая | Georgii Zantaraia Георгий Зантарая | Georgii Zantaraia