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The sports marketing agency AREDI is the team, what has been developing sports marketing sphere since 2007. We solve such tasks, as: popularization of the sport's brand name, event-management, media marketing, an extension of the audience, an attraction of the investment through marketing.

Our mission is to provide an efficient interaction among businesses, sports organizations and the target audience of each our project.

Sponsorship and brand partnerships

Sponsorship of athlete Ц itТs building a long-term cooperation between sportsman and brand. A personal partnership relations. This kind of relations Ц are excellent tool for brand to reaching their corporate and marketing goals.

  • Particular selection the most appropriate kind of sport and appropriate ambassador in this kind of sport for brand.
  • Strategic, art and technical planning of this sponsorship.
  • Valuation of the sponsorship package.
  • The implementation of sponsorship.
  • Coordination and maintenance the contract between brand and athlete.


Personal marketing for the athlete

The endorsement of athlete, it is also may be called as a person marketing or support - is the building up and cultivating of the sports brand, whose ultimate goals are good results in the commercial, social and sporting aspects.
The endorsement of athlete includes:
  • Attracting, boost of attention to the sports brand;
  • Creating of athleteТs image;
  • Evaluation and achievement of marketing potential;
  • Making up and maintenance of sponsorship contracts.
We make our clients successful beyond the court.
ѕерсональный маркетинг спортсмена | Personal marketing for the athlete
ƒизайн дл€ социальных сетей | Social media design

Social media design

Elaborated design of social networks will attract more followers to your page. The artworks of our designers can pull up your  presence in social networks, numbers of followers and likes.

Sports branding

The sports branding is one of the important characteristic features of successful sports brands. The thought-out and well, carefully embodied design highlights the sports brand among the competitors significantly.
  • Design of a sports logo;
  • Brandbook of sports brand;
  • Design for social networks;
  • Key visual for advertising campaign.

—портивный брендинг | Sports branding